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Cenify is the universal home automation platform for companies and users. Users can enjoy the freedom of mixing and matching products from their favorite brands in one unified application.  Many of the day to day actions are performed automatically, without the user having to even open the application which provides an enhanced lifestyle. For manufacturers, we bring a unique open market-platform system that allows for any company with wireless enabled products to connect to the platform, increasing their time to market.



Geneopedia Corp

Geneopedia is a biotechnology company focused on ending childhood death from undetected genetic disorders. Using our search and compression technologies we are building the world’s first genomic search engine. Our work will help to accelerate drug development and advance the field of genomics.

iConnected Marketing

iConnected Marketing Corp was formed in 2011 to deliver a cost effective “All-in-One” digital marketing solution to small businesses around the world. The iConn Team has developed a comprehensive digital marketing suite full of solutions that give small business owners the power to use the hottest new media marketing tools that once only the Fortune 500 companies could afford. For a low monthly fee, these businesses control each custom iConnected digital marketing tool in ‘real-time’ from one easy-to-use control panel.


Impact Earth

We design products and services and manage materials to reduce the volume and toxicity of landfills.


Robert Putney, Jr. 585.478.2014
Industrial Ecology Group, Inc.

We are a complete asset management service company for Telecommunications and Cable service providers equipped with a full suite of offerings. Our goal is to offer services that remove the burden of daily asset management from our clients so they can focus on delivering world class service to their customers. By providing focus and manpower to key areas of the asset lifecycle we can increase internal reuse and reduce capital spending and environmental liability. All of our services are designed to deliver visibility, security and efficiency to our clients.

Daniel Hetrick 585-747-4814
Micro Era Power

MicroEra Power is developing the world’s most efficient, economical, and clean stationary power generation solutions at commercial scale (100-400 kW). Our responsive system provides a flexible energy management tool which allows customers save up to 50% on their annual energy costs. Additionally, system carbon emissions are lower than those of even the most efficient central power plants.  Our systems are protected by a suite of granted patents.   Our on-site systems provide ultra-reliable power, and are useful in (a) slashing demand charges and peak electricity costs, by strategically generating power at peak times; (b) recovering exhaust heat for combined cooling, heat and power (CCHP); and (c) delivering backup power, during grid interruptions.  Our near-zero local emissions allow the system to be sited in urban areas.  

Motion Savvy

MotionSavvy was started by 3 deaf engineering graduates of RIT.  They have created a SaaS platform that uses an off the shelf tablet to allow a deaf individual the ability to have bi-directional communication with the hearing.  One of our investors, Wells Fargo, is looking to use this in their bank branches.  A deaf customer can go to any teller and begin signing.  The sign language is interpreted and output in either text or computer generated voice to the teller. The teller’s voice is then converted to text and displayed to the deaf customer.  This technology allows companies to be in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act without the need for expensive and cumbersome third party solutions.


R-Display & Lighting, LLC

The mission of R-Display & Lighting is to leverage core expertise in Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology, including materials, device fabrication and manufacturing operations to deliver advanced flat panel display and lighting products at a competitive cost for manufacturing. Our foundation is built on team members with broad experience in OLED research, development and manufacturing operations. 

Tommie L. Royster 585-781-4327
Radian Gen / previously EnergyWise

Radian Gen/EnergyWise Partners (EWP) provides energy metering and online billing services that enable the creation of locally owned renewable energy utilities, disrupting the highly fragmented Heating Oil and Propane delivery markets. We focus on clean, renewable solar energy stored in the ground and concentrated into the home with a ground-source heat pump (GSHP). Called "geothermal" heating and cooling in the US, the up-front cost of installation keeps most homes and businesses bound to the high price of traditional fuels.

EWP overcomes the financial barrier by enabling a Utility model for Geothermal similar to Power Purchase Agreements for Solar. Private investors, property managers and consumer cooperatives can then invest in the superior returns of geothermal energy while bringing the many economic and environmental benefits to consumers and tenants. The consumer simply pays for the thermal energy brought into the home through a multi-year contract.

Splyce Inc.

Splyce Inc. is a web development company that builds web applications for the eSports, or competitive electronic gaming, industry.  The first application,, acts as a 'TV Guide' for eSports, allowing the viewer to easily find events to watch and click through to the right channel. 


Marty Strenczewilk, CEO (585) 484-7190
Sunvestment Group

Sunvestment Group is empowering the mid-market solar industry by introducing a simple, but innovative online platform that provides standardization and transparency to the finance process.  Our platform broadens the investor base by making project involvement and ownership easily accessible to a more diverse group of investors.  Mid-market solar encompasses most schools, hospitals, places of worship, and many small to medium sized businesses.  We are the recipient of a prestigious U.S. Department of Energy SunShot Initiative award, as well as a NYSERDA grant, both of which are supporting us to build out this platform.


TourBlend is a Mobile application and system platform for tourism destination marketing. Coupled with a powerful geo-centered app Composer, TourBlend allows you to easily manage attraction services, multimedia content, and marketing information. Tourblend deliver’s your information to visitors — when and where they need it.

(585) 484-1892