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Venture Creations can help you find funding for your startup and assist you through this process. Funding is available from a number of local, regional, and federal agencies and organizations, from angel capital to later stage growth financing. To get started, refer to the links below.


RIT Venture Fund

The RIT Venture Fund is seeking investment opportunities in growth-oriented companies with a link to RIT, including:  RIT Faculty & Staff / RIT Students / RIT Alumni / Funded Research Sponsors of RIT / IP Licensees / Venture Creations Incubator Companies. 

Capitalized with $3.5 Million., the fund will strive to build a diversified portfolio of early and later stage companies.  The total average investment per company is expected to be $200-300K and will typically be made in multiple tranches upon achievement of certain milestones or as appropriate, at the discretion of RIT.

Excell Partners, Inc.

Excell Partners is a local, economic development organization that manages a state-supported fund, which provides pre-seed and seed stage financing to high-tech startup companies in the Upstate New York region. They follow a standard three month process that begins in the first month of each quarter with a solicitation and review of proposals, due diligence in the second and negotiations/award in the third. Investments are typically in the range of $100K to $250K and are often done in conjunction with other co-investors.

Rochester Angel Network

The Rochester Angel Network (RAN) is a private group of accredited investors based in Rochester with an interest in investing in seed and early startup companies that are, and will be, based in the Rochester area. Investments are typically made in the $250K to $2M range. Applicants are required to submit an application online at that includes summary input from a completed business plan. Applications are reviewed monthly by a screening committee and can take anywhere from three to five months from submission to final negotiation of terms.

Greater Rochester Enterprise (GRE)

GRE is a regional economic development organization supported by a team of private and public sector leaders dedicated to improving economic performance in the Rochester/Finger Lakes, New York Region. Their site provides a listing of available funding opportunities based in and outside the Rochester area.

The Monroe Fund

The Monroe Fund is a private venture fund managed by Trillium Capital Partners. It generally invests between $250K and $750K in start-up, early-stage, and turnaround businesses in and around Monroe County. Trillium seeks businesses that represent the best of the region's innovative efforts. To initiate consideration of potential investments, submission of a written business plan or executive summary is required.

Trillium looks for companies operating in high growth markets, such as: digital imaging, medical technology, software, Internet and network systems, photonics and wireless communications. As a provider of early-stage capital, the Trillium group requires a meaningful ownership position, Board of Directors representation and terms typical for the risk associated with post-seed, first round investments. The Trillium Group does not routinely seek a controlling interest.