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Admission Criteria

Admission to Venture Creations is offered to those companies that meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • The business must be either be founded by a a member of the "RIT family", e.g. a student, faculty member, staff member, or alumnus; or
  • Have core technology in one or more of RIT's core technology areas which include sustainability, green technology, manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, game design and development, film and animation, software development, information technology, cybersecurity, access technologies, aerospace, and imaging science, or Bio-X, among others.


  • The business concept must be scalable (at some future point) to at least $10 million in annual revenue.


  • Generally, must be past technical "proof of concept" and be at seed or mid-seed stage in their development.


The application process is outlined below. Once your application is submitted, you will be contacted by a member of our team.

ApplicationPlease apply on line Apply Now
Business Plan
  • Provide a copy of your business plan executive summary or develop a brief (8-10 slides) presentation that indicates:
    • Company name, product or service, company principals.
    • Your target market segment(s), how big they are, and what problem you solve for them.
    • Your competitors and your competitive advantage
    • How you will sustain your competitive advantage?  What, if any intellectual property protection you have.
    • How you plan to get to market and secure customers
    • Financial projections.
    • Next steps.
SubmitSubmit your completed application and business plan (or slides) via the Application website.
ReviewA Venture Creations team member will be assigned your case, review your materials, and may contact you for clarification.
PresentWhen your presentation is deemed "ready," you will have the opportunity to present your business to the Venture Creations team.
DecisionThe Venture Creations team will review your application and decide whether or not to admit your business. Your Venture Creations contact will notify you of the decision.