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Strong Arm Technologies has won the Rochester and New York State Business Plan Competitions for its innovative new product, the Strong Arm Vest.

Designed to redistribute weight to stronger, more stable areas of the torso making lifting easier, the Strong Arm also constrains the wearer's movement, thus ensuring the utilization of proper posture. This ergonomic design mitigates injury thereby increasing worker productivity and saving companies a considerable amount of money.

Officially formed in January of this year, the Strong Arm crew has been hard at work on their flagship product for a year and a half. Partners Sean Petterson and Justin Hillery got their start in the Center for Student Innovation working with mentors such as Carl Lundgren who Petterson credits with having followed them from the beginning stages all the way through to development.

After their win in the New York State Business Plan Competition, Strong Arm went on to The Bright Forum in Buffalo where they won Best Pitch. Most recently, they were accepted into the Mass Challenge, a four month competition during which the Strong Arm team will be spending time in Boston.

Having also won Best Pitch and Best Technological Innovation from the NCIIA in California, Strong Arm has been asked to present at the Ergonomics Conference and Exposition. When asked about their product, company official Tayler Swanson replied, "We are creating a quality product with real human impact."

"We want to thank everybody's help from RIT, specifically Carl Lundgren, John Schull, Rich Notargiacomo, and Bill Jones. We'd also like to thank the RIT structure. The Strong Arm success has absolutely been enabled by the system RIT has been developing to help student innovation,” CEO Sean Petterson said. “And of course, I want to thank my mother."

As of the posting of this article, Strong Arm is working with one of several major big box stores to develop the Strong Arm Vest and bring it to market. They are also in the middle of testing their product with a company who is using the Strong Arm Vest on a number of employees and the testing is going "incredibly well".

For more information, visit the Strong Arm website.