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Clean Energy Companies Receive $5.5 million in Funding

In just 18 months, eight companies based in Venture Creations' Clean Energy Incubator have received more than $4.5 million in private and angel investment funds as well as nearly $1 million in research grants.

"Private equity transactions are generally confidential information and therefore we are not in a position to disclose monies raised by individual companies", said Bill Jones, Venture Creations' Director, "however a number of our companies have raised over $1M each in the past 18 months, brining the total private capital raised by Venture Creations' companies over that interval to just over $6 million."

In addition, NYSERDA, the New York State Energy Research and Development Administration, has awarded major grants to three Venture Creations' companies totaling nearly $800,000. Coupled with an additional grant from the National Science Foundation, our companies have raised nearly $1 million in funding for their research.

"Funding opportunities for companies dedicated to clean energy technologies are immense. It's a matter of navigating the process and making the right connections, and that's where Venture Creations can help," explains Mark Coleman, Venture Creations' Manager of Technical Development.