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Application Process for Mentors

Mentor candidates are generally invited to apply by someone affiliated with RIT (faculty, staff, or alumni) or are referred by a Venture Creations partner or volunteer. All VMS candidates must complete the short VMS Mentor Application Form, submit a bio or resume and provide one professional reference. The New Mentor Review Committee holds interviews with all applicants. The interview affords us an opportunity to become better acquainted with an applicant’s unique skills and experience, to discuss the critical role our mentors play and to answer any questions prospective volunteers have about the program.

For more information, please contact the VMS Coordinator, Jane Tibbitts via e-mail at or by phone at 585-475-7953.

Application Process for Ventures

The first step is to fill out a VMS Venture Application Form. This provides us with background information concerning your venture’s current situation and needs. Experience has shown that entrepreneurs must be ready for mentoring and in a position to act on mentor suggestions in order to realize the greatest value from mentoring. Traits that we typically look for, but which are not necessarily required, include:

  • Committed, capable founder
  • Clarity of market position
  • Clearly-articulated business model
  • Demonstrable technology (if tech-based company)
  • Proof of concept
  • Customers and some revenue, even minimal
  • A written business plan
  • Founder/team’s ability to execute its vision
  • Willingness of entrepreneur to be coached

All applicants will be invited to meet with a Venture Advisory Team. The primary objective of this “first contact” meeting is to better understand your venture, evaluate what stage it is in and how best the VMS Program can help.