Green Initiatives




The RIT Inn & Conference Center, Rochester, NY received a 3-Green Leaf rating from Audubon International’s Eco-Rating program

The RIT Inn was awarded the “ 2011 Good Earthkeeping Award” by the New York State Hospitality and Tourism Association


Below are the details of the RIT Inn’s green program: 


Promoting Community Awareness

· Education: The Hotel’s Green Leaf Team has performed

   presentations for local universities regarding our green program

 · Events / Celebrations: Each year the Green Leaf Team holds a candlelit cocktail hour. For Earth Day the Green Leaf Team celebrates by beautifying the Inn’s landscaping


Conserving Resources

· We are able to quantify our conservation efforts by

   utilizing the  previous year’s electricity, water, waste and gas consumption

· Replaced  incandescent bulbs with energy-efficient CFL’s and LED’s 

· Implemented practices to reduce paper waste

· Installed aerators in the faucets and both low flow toilets and shower heads


Reducing Waste

· Recycling in offices, public spaces and guest rooms

· Utilize eco friendly cleaning products in housekeeping

· Water stations available for meetings rather than

    individual served waters

· Replacing electric urns and sternos with coffee thermoses

· Composting of fruits, vegetables and coffee grounds

· “Conserving for Tomorrow “how each guest can do their part in the conservation process


Sustainability/Eco Friendly Operations

· Fresh herbs from our onsite garden are incorporated into food and beverage offerings

· Established policies for the use of eco-certified products and communication of environmental practices to employees



The RIT Inn & Conference Center realizes our guests are environmentally conscious.  We offer a  home away from home, so we want guests to be fully comfortable which includes our treatment of the environment.  Additional information can be found at