Want to be a digital brand storyteller? These new courses are for you.

BlogPostCommunication2Much has been written about the death of traditional media, and it’s certainly been sad to see so many regional newspapers are now a shadow of their former selves. But maybe ‘death’ is too strong a word here, since there are also excellent examples of newspapers and magazines that have reinvented themselves as vibrant online versions. And, for every failed print edition, countless successful blogs have sprung up like green shoots in the spring.

The Web and social media largely triggered these tectonic shifts in the media landscape, and we now see every successful media organization has enthusiastically embraced these new channels. One outcome of this has been the rise of conversational media (such as blogs) and social media as core communications channels for organizations of all sizes and in all sectors, as they seek to master these new media to connect with their audiences.

As you’d expect, RIT is very active in preparing professionals for careers as corporate communicators. The School of Communication equips students for careers in a diverse range of communication fields by providing an education with a solid theoretical grounding and an applied, practical focus.

Three courses from the School of Communication are now available through RIT Online. These courses are highly relevant for professionals looking to sharpen their communications and digital media skills.

  • Technology-Mediated Communication. Utilizing theories about the relationship between communication technology and culture, this course explores the current and potential future impact of interactive electronic communication, and the social changes that are occurring.
  • Visual Communication. This course explores the process through which individuals—in relationships, organizations, and societies—create and interpret visual messages. Students will analyze visual messages from print photography, video, film and the Internet.
  • Crafting the Message. This course focuses on the creation of written and visual messages appropriate to a targeted audience and a specific medium including print, broadcast, interactive, digital and online technologies.

These courses are ideal for professionals who graduated some years ago with related qualifications, and who want to acquire new skills essential for using digital media to reach, engage and influence specific audiences. While these courses have clear appeal for marketing and media professionals who want to sharpen their skills and pursue new career opportunities, they are also a springboard for people in the publishing sector who wish to apply their creative and storytelling skills to these new digital media.

To learn more about these courses, some of which commence in the spring semester, look for them here and find out how to sign up.

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