Ready to move forward? I’ve been in your shoes.

SneakerPostV2For every prospective online student that feels overwhelmed by having so many options to choose from, here are the three things I want you to know. First, I’ve been in your shoes. Second, I want to help get you to the right academic path. And third, investing in new skills really does propel you forward.

Today, students are pulled in so many different directions that they desperately need someone to help them navigate all of their options. They need someone to help identify courses that will propel them forward and make the process smooth and seamless. That’s where I come in. I support non-degree seeking students who need to figure out a custom solution to their unique situation. 

Some of the situations I see include needing to:

  1. Update job skills to match workplace needs
  2. Learn a new subject matter to match a career goal or a new job requirement
  3. Gauge workload given your current family and work/life obligations
  4. Turn professional experience into academic credits

It’s also my job to make the process of registering for a course as quick and painless as possible. I do this by providing answers and guidance to prospective students. If I don’t know an answer, I’ll find it or connect you with an expert in that area.

It’s common for people to ask questions about cost, financial aid, registration, admission, specific courses and programs, start and end dates and other questions such as “What sort of accreditation do you have?” or “How much time to I need to commit, and is online learning right for me?” 

I am uniquely qualified because I took this walk, too. It took 12 years to complete my bachelor degree, but I did it—and at my own pace. I earned it while working full-time and raising three children. I took online courses as well as on-campus courses. 

I wasn’t too sure how online learning would work for me when I took my first online course. I remember having doubts about how much I would learn from one. Not only did I learn from the online courses, but I came to actually prefer them. I loved that I didn’t have to drive in bad weather to get to class or come home in it. I could do the work when it was convenient for me and be comfortable in my own house—and still learn what I needed to. And here I am.

Yes, my job can be a little like detective work at times, but that’s what I love about it. I’m passionate about working with students, researching options, identifying opportunities and building plans based on individual interests and needs. 

Have a burning question? Need some smart advice? Want to learn more about online learning? Want some customized options? 

Great… That’s where I come in.

Learn more at

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