Statistics chart
Statistical Analysis for Decision Making
Instructor Henry Mattice
Course Number DECS-782-01
Jan 16, 2018
15 weeks
18 Seats

This is a course in applied statistics emphasizing an understanding of variation and inference estimation and testing). Topics to be covered include: review of descriptive statistics, normal distribution, sampling distributions, estimation, test of hypothesis for single and two populations, analysis of variance ANOVA), linear regression, multiple regression and model building. Students will apply these concepts using mini-cases and problem sets that involve both structured and unstructured data sets. The application of appropriate tools will be required.

  • Price $1,035 per credit hour (2017-18 AY)
  • Credits

    3 credit hours

    This 15 week course requires students to spend approximately 9 hours a week on course work.

  • Enrollment Restrictions
    • Restricted to degree-seeking graduate students or those with permission from instructor.
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