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Integrating EHS Management
Instructor Joseph Rosenbeck
Course Number ESHS-760-01
Jan 16, 2018
15 weeks
23 Seats

This course examines strategies for integrating EHS systems and processes. Using case studies the course explores interrelationships between EHS and: total quality management business value reporting and approaches for sustainable business development. Students will be prepared to select appropriate quality tools to improve EHS processes; identify opportunities strategies and tools for integrating EHS into business management; and identify best practices in EHS/business integration.

  • Price $1,035 per credit hour (2017-18 AY)
  • Credits

    3 credit hours

    This 15 week course requires students to spend approximately 9 hours a week on course work.

  • Enrollment Restrictions
    • Department consent required.
    • Prerequisites: ESHS-720 or equivalent course.
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