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Research Methods and Proposal Development

It is important that students in this graduate program be able to perform in depth literature review, understand and apply different fundamental research methods in computing security areas.This course is designed to help students in this direction. Students will be encouraged to investigate the continuing computing security problems, that arise due to vulnerabilities in software and hardware, and malicious cyber-attacks by adversaries. This will provide the foundations for the student to decide on a project/thesis topic. Invited talks from faculty and members from other institution to share their research and scholarship work will seed such research thinking. Students will be encouraged to interact with faculty members to formulate their project / thesis topics and scope. Students will be expected to develop a research proposal that may serve as the basis for their later project/thesis proposal. In addition, this course provides an overview of the academic research methodologies used in graduate level work. Topics include but are not limited to: experimental research, correlation, experiment observation, surveys, and case studies. Also included will be document structure, validation, and the process for submission and review to conferences and journals.

This course is not being offered at this time. Please contact the concierge to find out more information.