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Master of Science
Program Overview

The master of science program is designed for the student holding a bachelor’s degree in science or engineering. It will provide important preparation for positions in research in the imaging industry or in the application of various imaging modalities to problems in engineering and science. The program emphasizes a systems approach to the study of imaging science. Formal course work includes consideration of the physical properties of radiation-sensitive materials and processes, the applications of physical and geometrical optics to electro-optical systems, the mathematical evaluation of image forming systems, digital image processing, and the statistical characterization of noise and system performance.

Technical electives may be selected from courses offered in imaging science, color science, engineering, computer science, science, and mathematics. Both thesis and project options are available. In general, full-time students are required to pursue the thesis option, with the project option targeted to part-time and online students who can demonstrate that they have sufficient practical experience through their professional activities. More course information can be viewed here.