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“2 jobs. 2 years.
2 degrees. And a 2-year-old.”


On a daily basis, as Rob oversees significant construction projects, he finds opportunities to tap into what he’s learned through RIT Online.

“I’ve been able to apply everything I’ve learned—Lean Six Sigma, quality management processes, training development—to my daily work. Everything is geared toward the technical side rather than theory and fluff.”

With employees of Rob’s architectural firm scattered across the globe, providing training and setting standards pose key challenges. But his RIT Online classes “helped me create strategies for implementing training for all of us.” In addition, his enhanced skills in collaboration have boosted his project-management effectiveness.

Rob lives and breathes a multidisciplinary approach.

“My education in disciplines across the building life cycle has allowed me to think from the architect’s perspective, from the facility management perspective, and from my own perspective as a construction manager,” Rob says.

Rob has experienced maximum return on his investment. “By aggressively pursuing additional degrees and certifications through RIT Online, I’ve set myself apart from my peers,” says Rob, who’s been tapped for a leadership track. “I think the initiative I’m taking to upgrade my capabilities, and the success my projects have experienced, have caught the attention of my bosses.”

RIT is one of a few institutions that offer an accredited MS in Facility Management, Rob says. And where other universities’ programs can be rigid, he appreciates how RIT’s flexibility and breadth of electives have “allowed me to create a diversified degree that meets my professional goals.”

“Literally anyone in the whole world can be part of RIT Online. I’ve had classmates from Saudi Arabia and the Dominican Republic. Having a dialogue with them and seeing how different people react to challenges helps open up my mind and prepares me for the real world better than just reading a text.”

He also has benefited from RIT’s relationship with the International Facility Management Association, which awarded him a scholarship and sponsored his attendance at a conference in San Antonio.

‘Best class ever’

Rob has been impressed with RIT Online’s faculty and students alike.

“I was blown away by how much the faculty worked to engage the students to think about the topic in a different way,” he says. “The Context & Trends course was by far one of the best I’ve ever taken. Critical-thinking questions were put into the hands of the students so they’d be the ones to engage. Every time someone posted something on the discussion board, the topic would take on a life of its own, generating constant dialogue.”

And his fellow students?

“Diversity of perspective was pronounced in my RIT Online classes,” Rob says. “Because many of the students have different concentrations, and many come from different countries—Dominican Republic, Saudi Arabia, China—you get to see what matters to people in different areas. You learn that there’s a whole world outside of what we experience in our lives.”