Spring is finally here! Graduation Day is just around the corner and many of you are looking forward to completing your studies at RIT. Others of you may be just looking forward to a break away from school. Many of you may be looking for summer or long-term jobs.

When job-hunting online, watch out for fraudulent job listings and remember to protect your personal information online. Scammer often post fraudulent job opportunities that may appear to be authentic. Did you know that you can find job listings through Twitter, LinkedIn, Craiglist, and other social networks? Here are some tips to help protect yourself and your information:

April is here and so is spring, which means it is time for spring cleaning! Your devices may need as much cleaning as the rest of your house. So during this month, we’ll talk to you about how to perform proper device cleaning and information disposal.

Have you ever searched for yourself online? This a very good way to see what’s out there about you and what others’ can see. It’s also a good opportunity to decide which things you need to be removed, because they might damage to your reputation. Moreover, many of us get so busy and distracted with our daily activities, we tend to accumulate a lot of information that we don’t use. We recommend that you periodically check and clean your information and devices.