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The Information Security Office provides leadership to the RIT community in safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity and availability of RIT’s  information resources.

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Get information on how to safely remove private information from your devices and stay protected. The chain of security is in your hands.

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The Private Information Management Initiative (PIMI) seeks to identify and reduce the amount of private information found on RIT computers and storage devices.

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The ongoing evolution of digital communication also brings about the evolution of scammers and their methods. Phishing is one kind of such fraud, in which the attacker masquerades as a reputable individual or group, in order to trick users into revealing their private information. Check out our resources to learn how not be baited and reeled in!

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Benefits of Using a Password Manager

Using a password manager is the easiest way to keep your personal and private information safe. A password vault stores your passwords securely, allowing you to save the information in the cloud or on your personal computer. This allows you to use truly random combinations in all of your passwords, making them much harder for malicious users or bots to crack. Password managers also protect you from giving away private information inadvertently. In fact, there are multiple reasons you should be using a password manager right now.

Remember Only One Password

A password manager stores all of your passwords in... ...

How to Manage Passwords for Optimal Security

When it comes to passwords, the longer the better. However, even if you have created a secure password, re-using it is the quickest way to undermine your security. If you reuse a password for multiple accounts, it is only as strong as the least secure service/website it is being used on. No matter how strong your passwords, if you do not take steps to handle them properly, your personal and private information can be compromised. Follow the tips below to help you manage your passwords.

Don’t Write Critical Passwords Down

If you have to write something important like your banking... ...

How to Create Strong Passwords

As you have probably heard, using strong passwords is important. This is because strong passwords can protect you from some very serious incidents such as having your online reputation hacked, your money taken, and/or your identity stolen. If you are unsure what constitutes a strong password, please refer to the RIT Password Standard. Below are some additional strategies to help you create a strong password that is easy to remember.

General Method

  • No one agrees on an exact minimum password length, but generally between 10 and 14 characters is a good length. Anything longer is even better, but it
  • ... ...

Clean Up Your Online Presence

While you are outside enjoying the weather, potential employers may be searching for you online. Now is the perfect time to Google yourself and clean up your online reputation until it shines. It is also important to review your privacy settings to be sure that your personal information is only being shared with the world in the way you want. Below are some helpful tips for cleaning up your online presence as well as organizing your online life for a secure online presence.

Go Through Online Photos

If you have photos or photo albums online, now is the time to... ...

Digital File and Hardware Removal

As spring cleaning continues, consider sweeping through your files to determine which ones you need to keep and which you can get rid of. This is a good opportunity to clear up space on your devices and declutter your digital work environment. Also, if you have used cellphones or outdated computer equipment lying around, make sure you know how to safely dispose of them.

Delete or Archive Old Files

Empty your trash or recycle bin on all devices to permanently delete old files. On mobile devices, you can manually delete old text messages, pictures, videos, and any other file taking up unnecessary space.... ...