Banking Trojans Are A Major Threat To Mobile Security

A banking Trojan is a type of malware whose purpose is to steal your banking information. These Trojans can get onto your device by mimicking something innocuous such as an important update or a bonus level for your favorite game. According to Kaspersky Lab, banking Trojans constitute over 95% of mobile malware, with Android devices being the most at risk.   

Acecard Android banking trojan development timelineOne of the newest and most dangerous Trojan threats is known as Acecard. This malware creates a convincing mobile banking application that overlays your actual banking app. It works like a classic phishing attempt by using the information you enter into the fake form to steal your credit card and other important data. Acecard has existed for a couple of years, but has been actively evolving over time. It has frequently disguised itself as an Adobe Flash app on Android devices despite the fact that Flash was discontinued for Android years ago.                          

The most dangerous thing about Acecard is that it doesn’t limit itself to banking applications. This mobile Trojan is versatile and can also imitate login pages for social networking sites and instant messengers. Currently, Acecard can mimic over 30 different applications from PayPal to Twitter to WhatsApp.

Whether it is a classic banking Trojan or a new threat like Acecard, it is imperative that you keep your mobile devices secure. The easiest way to protect against banking Trojans is to avoid performing banking transactions on mobile devices. If this isn’t feasible, however, you can use an anti-virus or other security app to help detect a Trojan threat. Also, avoid downloading apps from third-party sources and stay away from apps made by questionable companies in the Google Play store.


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