Clean and Update Your Devices

Spring is (sort of) here! And that means it’s time to do some digital spring cleaning. Is your computer running slow? Is your smartphone experiencing glitches? Now is a great time to test the security of your devices and make sure all systems are clean. You should take this month to catch up on system updates and make sure you are using the latest version of all software programs and applications. You know computers can pick up bugs and viruses, but they can also become bogged down by miscellaneous programs and applications that you may not even be using. Below are some tips for making sure your devices are clean.

Update Your OS on All Devices

To protect against malware and viruses, it is a good idea to install the latest operating system. This means updating all desktops, laptops, and mobile devices in order to avoid security flaws that may exist in older operating systems.

Update Your Antivirus Software

Run your antivirus software and have it check for updates. If there is an auto-update feature available, you should turn this on. Make sure that you renew your antivirus subscription if the vendor you’re using requires one. If you don’t want to pay an annual fee, then choose a free scanner. RIT provides McAfee antivirus software for both Windows and iOS users.

Run a Full Scan of Your System

Running a full or deep antivirus scan on your computer is something you should do periodically. A full scan may catch things that a quick scan did not and ensure that malware isn’t hiding out on your hard drive. For mobile devices, make sure you have a security app that scans applications upon install.

Update Your Apps

For all devices (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.) updating apps not only gives you the latest features of an application, but can fix glitches and security vulnerabilities. Security patches and fixes for bugs become available regularly so check online or in your device’s general settings.

Uninstall Programs and Apps

Get rid of those unnecessary programs that may be taking up space on your computer. For mobile devices, this means deleting apps that you no longer use. This can speed things up and preserve battery life.


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