Secure Your Data and Information

For the second week of spring cleaning, make sure your information is as secure as it can be. This means updating passwords, backing up your data, and further protecting your private information from identity thieves and cyber criminals. Take these steps to enhance the security of your devices and your online accounts:

Password Protect Every Device

Make sure all your devices have at least a password or passcode. This is the first line of defense if your device is ever stolen. All of your computers and devices should have a unique, strong password. If you can’t remember all of your passwords, use a password manager.

Backup Your Data

When was the last time you made a backup of your laptop or desktop? Take the time to preserve your important files by backing up your computer to a flash drive or uploading data to the cloud. Note that you need to comply with RIT policies around data handling, as found in the Information Access and Protection Standard. You should also backup your smartphones and other mobile devices on a regular basis. Old Passwords

This month is a great time to review your passwords. Changing and updating passwords is always a good idea. Make sure your new passwords are sufficiently long and use a combination of characters (upper and lower case) as well as numbers. Refer to the RIT Password Standard for guidance.

Turn on Two Factor Authentication

This spring, become familiar with two-factor authentication. For important accounts like banking, email, and social media, using two-factor authentication affords you an additional level of security for your personal and private information.

Secure Your Router

If you have a home network router, make sure you have named it something non-revealing. For example, don’t assign it your last name or street address. It is also helpful to change the wireless network password in order to keep hackers and freeloaders out of your network. You can also disable the SSID broadcast. (That means your internet access point won't be readily visible.)

Test Your Backups

So you have a backup of your computer.  Have you actually tested it to make sure it isn’t blank? Spring is as good a time as any to test your backups to ensure that they will work in case something bad happens.


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