Account Management Standard

Account Management Standard

The Account Management Standard provides requirements around creating and maintaining user and special accounts. The primary audience for the standard is account administrators. However, there are reporting requirements pertaining to personnel and roles and responsibility changes for managers as well.

Documented Standard

Current Account Management Standard (comply by 1/23/15)

Who does the standard apply to?

  • IT personnel who support account creation and maintenance for RIT information resources.
  • Managers reporting changes in access privileges/job changes of employees.

Key Concepts

  • Requires appropriate controls to ensure that users prove their identity and only have access to the resources to which they are authorized.
  • Provides requirements for managing and maintaining accounts accessing RIT information resources.
  • Provides requirements for special account types.


Updated 12/5/14

Standards Process

Policy Creation and Approval

Institute policies are created and approved through a shared governance process. A further description of this process can be found on the Academic Senate, Staff Council and Student Government websites. 

Standards Creation and Approval

In 2005, the RIT shared governance organizations approved the Information Security Policy which vested the Information Security Office with the role of leading the RIT community in the creation, approval and implementation of Information Security Standards.

  • Core Teams composed of subject matter experts meet to create draft standards that are supportable and comprehensive.
  • The Information Security Council reviews and approves proposed standards. The Information Security Council is composed of representatives from across the University. The Information Security Council representatives also serve as coordinators in their departments to facilitate the implementation of standards

Standards Process Overview


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