Academic Challenge!

Are you currently in pursuit of academic excellence?
Are you interested in raising your overall GPA?
Would you like to increase your leadership, presentation, essay-writing, or teamwork skills?
How about mixing that with some friendly competition amongst your peers?
Well, the Black Awareness Coordinating Committee (BACC) and the AALANA Collegiate Association (ACA) has a special opportunity for you: The Academic Challenge!

This program is geared to: increase the aggregate GPA of the AALANA student population, build a social network that highly encourages academic excellence, strengthen and broaden student-faculty relations, as well as provide the opportunity for AALANA students to be recognized and awarded for their outstanding efforts.

Question: “What do I have to do?”
Answer: “It’s simple! You will be joining a group of four (4) students who will”:
- Complete a minimum of 10hrs per week in the library
- Attend 3 “Challenge Day” check-ins throughout the quarter
- Work together to study hard, increase your grades, and compete for the ULTIMATE PRIZE!
*Additional details included in program outline

Question: “What’s in it for me?”
Answer: “At the end of the year, the team with the highest percentage increase in their overall team GPA will receive FOUR iPAD MINI’S!”

Question: “Okay, I read the information packet, now how can I sign-up?!”
Answer: “It’s simple! All you have to do is click the attached link below and sign up with your team members.”

–The Application Deadline is February 22nd, 2013 @ 5:00PM–

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you apart of this Academic Challenge next quarter!

Feel free to repost to any interested friends, clubs, and organizations.

Application Link:
Program Outline: