Cultural Director: Alexis Harris

Alexis Harris was born in Virginia, and raised in Washington, DC and Maryland. An intensely self-motivated individual, Alexis has always been one to take risks and stand out. She goes above and beyond, hoping to inspire as many people as possible. Her dream is to leave behind her own legacy of touching people and helping them through her gift music. Currently, she is a senior at the Rochester Institute of Technology, studying Sociology, as she fervently believes education comes first.

Alexis is currently the Cultural Director for the AALANA Collegiate Association. Her position involves planning and executing inclusive and campuswide events that relate to and express various cultures. During her time at  RIT, Alexis has also served as the President of the RIT Gospel Ensemble for 2 years, Treasurer and Secretary of Mental Graffiti Spoken Word Poetry Team, and has worked for The Recording Academy as a GRAMMYU Campus representative among many other organizations, jobs, and tasks.

As an aspiring artist, Alexis Harris realizes she is just beginning to express who she is, and how she feels, knowing that many others will and can relate. In her own words: “I am me. Indefinitely Defined.”