In Honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Today, January 20th, 2014, we gather as a nation to celebrate the legacy of a great man. This man worked tirelessly and gave his life for a cause he believed in. His views were outside the boundaries of the social norms of his time, but his philosophies have lived on to benefit the whole of mankind.

A man of faith, love, and justice, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in the truest definition of equality for all. He taught us how to shake off the ignorance of segregation, and continue forward into the future towards generations to come, so that we all may continue to enjoy life in harmony with one another. People of all races, ethnicities, orientations, and ways of life have learned the invaluable lessons that Dr. King strived to teach the world.

The AALANA Collegiate Association invites you to reflect today on how Dr. King’s legacy has affected your life. As another way to celebrate, we invite you to attend this year’s Expressions of King’s Legacy, hosted by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. You can view a full list of the events at

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