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K2GXT - RIT Amateur Radio Club

What is K2GXT?

K2GXT is the Amateur Radio Club of the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY. We serve a student populace of over 15,000; we also cater to the staff and faculty of the university. The club serves as a meeting place for practicing radio amateurs and new licensees, and facilitates students' participation in amateur radio hobbies such as contesting and public service.

How was K2GXT formed?

In 1952, several students formed the Amateur Radio Association on the Downtown Rochester campus of RIT. A year later, the club was awarded its club callsign, K2GXT. Since then, the club has done much to enhance the community, such as sending Valentine's Day messages, work public service events such as the Rochester Marathon, and finish projects such as RITCHIE-1, the High Altitude Balloon the club launched in 2011. From its inception, the club has focused on increasing members' knowledge of the technological aspects of the hobby.

Why should I become involved in K2GXT?

K2GXT serves to connect students, staff, and faculty from all across the university to learn more about amateur radio. The club brings together both technological and social aspects of the university.

Who can join K2GXT?

All RIT students, alumni, faculty, and staff are welcome at our meetings.