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Meeting Information

Bryce Salmi (KB1LQC) operating outside during a warm Rochester Saturday. The club's TS-2000 is hooked up to a Buddipole.

Ian MacKenzie (KB3OCF) leading a discussion about the MSP430 on the Multidisciplinary Senior Design floor of the Kate Gleason College of Engineering at RIT.

General Meetings

Beginning at 11AM, our club meetings take place every Saturday during the school, except for the week leading up to and including finals. Club meetings are held in room A081/A091 of the Student Alumni Union, and are open to all members of the RIT community, including students, faculty, alumni, and staff.

Business Meetings

Business Meetings are monthly, and all voting members are encouraged to join. The scheduling of Business Meetings is lined up with members' schedules, so as many members can join as possible. Business Meetings are held in one of the many meeting rooms in the Center for Campus Life.

Specialty Meetings

As an amateur radio club, we often have the opportunity to take field trips to local technological companies and/or events. These specialty meetings often take place instead of the regular weekly meeting, or are scheduled to interfere with as few classes as possible. Specialty meetings also include project meetings, in which club members work on projects that require more time than allowed for during regular meeting hours.