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RITCHIE-1 High Altitude Balloon Flight Time Lapse

The Rochester Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club, K2GXT, designed, built, and launched a custom high altitude balloon payload named RITCHIE-1. It flew to 96,305 feet in a near perfect flight. The flight took place on Saturday May 7th, 2011 during the Imagine RIT Innovation and Creativity Festival.

The flight lasted nearly 3 hours which demanded the use of the 5 second time-lapse mode on the GoPro HD camera. If HD video had been recorded we would not have captured the entire flight.

During the descent the payload descended through a storm that produced hail (seen in the images) and was pushed up from 6,000 feet to 8,000 feet within the cloud according to the GPS data.

Balloon burst occures at

More information can be found at

RITCHIE-1 High Altitude Balloon Pre-Flight Build

The Rochester Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club K2GXT designed, built, and launched a custom payload on Saturday May 7, 2011. It reached 96,305 feet, fell through a hail producing storm, was pushed up 2,000 feet inside the cloud, then descending to the ground.

This video highlights the final build sequence just hours before the flight. The unique design of the payload can easily be seen as the payload is loaded with its custom electronics package and RF equipment.