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The first special-interest house on the RIT campus, Art House provides a creative and productive atmosphere for its members. This community strongly encourages members to share their ideas, opinions, and skills, so that promising artists may broaden their senses and open new creative avenues for themselves and those around them.

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the executive board of 2012-2013

Week 13

written on by Andrew King

Hello art housers, updates this week.

-hours and events will be up soon
-look for more event on the wall
-floor clean-up Wednesday at 9
-“everybody love everybody” Nick Z

Frog winner this week is
Claudia Dillard

I fare thee well, Art House

written on by Sam McArthur

After only a few weeks as your humble tech director, I must leave for new lands, so I relinquish control to our new elected tech director, Andrew King. I’ve gotten a lot of work done in my short time in office, and hopefully he’ll continue my work into next year.


-Sam McArthur

New Tech Director here!

written on by Sam McArthur

Hey everybody! I’m Sam, Art House’s new Tech Director! Brandon got me up to date on current affairs, and  I am now charged with the operation and maintenance of the website and the various technology on floor. I’ve already done a couple tweaks to the site, but otherwise the site is a boat, and the boat’s ship-shape. If you need some sort of tech-related advice or assistance, look me up in RIT’s Gmail system, or find me on Facebook using one of the Art House pages.

Just like always, important stuff’s going to be posted here roughly as it’s applicable. Have a great day/evening/night depending on whatever time it is when you read this, and stay cool.