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Big Ol’ Update! (Week 5)

written on by Brandon Weis

Woah now! I’ve been gone for a bit, and we’ve missed quite a lot! I apologize for not posting too much (or at all) this year. But let’s get back into it!

So Art House… We arrived about 5 weeks ago and have plenty of new members in our family. I’m glad we’ve all settled in and got to know each other, so without further adieu, let’s get on with our meeting coverage.

Week 5 Meeting Coverage…

Shifty Alert!

S.O.S, 911, Sound the Alarms! We’re missing our beloved mascot Shifty Santa! If anyone has any idea where this lovable doll of ours has run off to, please let us know. Also, if you have him, leave him in the Spray Booth… We’ll let it go… this time.

Community Service Shenanigans

We have two fun community service opportunities coming up for all of you:

  • Fashion week of Rochester (Oct 18th)
  • Breast Cancer Walk (Oct 29th)

More information for these events will be coming up, so keep an eye out for future posts, information during meetings, and information on our wall.

Oh the Publicity!

Very great job at the Open House everyone, we got our names out there. We’d also like to thank everyone for their efforts with the “Greek Rock”. We occupied that all night and managed to put our lovely signature over it.

On another note, We’re going to be creating a banner for the Breast Cancer walk that’s coming up to represent Art House; we hope to see you all there.

Also, Art House Jerseys! Now is your time to be on our official (but mostly unofficial) Art House “Hockey” Team. As an option to you, we’ll be creating Jerseys to go along with the free Art House shirts we get every year.

More information will be coming soon.

So Much Room for Activities

There are a few things coming up for activities:

  • Darien Lake (Oct. 5th)
  • Homecoming
  • SIH Bonfire
  • Corn Maze (Oct. 26th)

Important notice for Darien Lake: Be sure to get your money to Nina (Or any E-Board Member) by Wednesday, October 2nd so we can purchase the tickets in time. The Price is $19.

I know, it’s short notice, but it’s all we got!

Online Stat Page

Woo! We can see our Activity Count & Community Service hours on the website now! Just click the link at the footer (“Activities and Community Service”) and it will lead you right there. Enter in the Password given at the meeting, and you’ll be good to go!

Congrats to Nick for winning the F.R.O.G. and Happy Birthday to him as well!

That’s all she wrote. Have a good week!