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Easter with Art House

written on by Daniel Swan

This weekend we had an awesome time with the Easter egg hunt family event! Additionally we here at art house have been very active! The Toronto trip went amazingly, we had more people come than ever before! I went myself and while it was cold it was a great city to spend the weekend in.

Voting for the new executive board (e-board) is coming soon and our members are currently running fun campaigns for the elections. We happily anticipate to see fresh faces carrying the torch of Art House.

Art House Spring Quarter Video
Contact our historian Isar and submit videos of your experience this quarter in Art House! We always manage to have hilarious moments documented.

If you missed the meeting tonight we had people running for CIAS Senators give some speeches as well as Seahawk runners give a few talks as well.

Lots of stuff going on here at Art House! Be sure to check our Event Calendar so you don’t miss a thing!