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What We're About

Art House is an active community environment where those who have a vested interest in art, regardless of academic major, can live together with like-minded individuals. We pride ourselves on being one of the more social floors at RIT and one of the few that can boast an even 50-50 mix of males and females. We offer a number of enriching community service opportunities and entertaining floor activities, including an annual trip to Toronto. However, as anyone who has been to Art House can tell you, staying on our floor for even a few minutes is often entertainment enough.

Kat, a proud member and eboard of 2012-2013


One must apply to be both an on-floor and off-floor member. Both have all the same benefits of the floor: studio, spraybooth etc. On- floor members have priority to the facilities as well as activities, notably the year-end Toronto trip. Off-floor members are given card access to the floor and are first in line to move on-floor should a space open up. Members are charged $100 (on-floor) and $50 (off-floor). This money goes to keeping the equipment in working order and funding for the Toronto trip.

Membership Info

Art House of 2012-2013! Cool Beans!