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Laying Down the Bricks

written on by Daniel Swan

Aside from the awesome revamp (if I do say so myself!) this week we have some other things happening. The famous Toronto trip is being finalized in plans as we get though van certification and the list of who is going. If you are new, you can learn a little more about the Toronto trip on our membership page. There is an SIH talent show on Week 7 of this quarter and a Minute to Win It event on Week 9. February 10th there will be a trip to Mendon Ponds where we will have a cabin to play games in, go sledding and other fun things. Floor inspection week of Jan. 21st, floor clean-up before then! We are working hard to find community service opportunities, if you or someone you know have an opportunity for us, shoot us an email (in the footer)!

This year’s t-shirt design contest is going on! Make some cool designs of your own and give them to Lori; Try to aim for both a Front and Back design that is family appropriate ( :P yeah guys please ) and obviously promotes Art House! If you’re making an activity to do with other members, remember to make a sign up sheet for it so it can count as an official activity. Alumni Workshops are coming soon, teaching about various topics like using Behance and more. Keep tuned for official dates and announcements that will also be applied to the events calendar. We need to get an awesome shot of all Art House On-Floor members to put in our membership gallery as well as printing the floor out to hang in our lounge with the alumni! Also, I’ll be posting featured artwork by Art House Members so we can show what we can do! Send all the submissions to me and Bcc Kat as a PNG or Jpeg format. That’s all for this week! Hope you all enjoy the new site, I have lots to still work on with it but feel free to offer productive criticism, it really does help!