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On Floor Members

On-floor members live in the dorms on the Art House floor. They are expected to fully participate in the community by paying dues, attending meetings, and completing a certain amount of activities & community service. In return, on-floor members have unlimited access to all Art House facilities, can participate in activities and related events, and join in fostering a creative environment. They also have priority to go on the Toronto trip. Dues are $100 every year.

Here at Art House, we have loads of fun. Whether we're playing or working, our members grow to become great friends in no time. Doing activities and community service is a ball and the Toronto trip is a great opportunity to see extravagant galleries, shows and shopping centers

In order to become an On-Floor member:

Off-Floor Membership

Off-Floor members or associated members are those who wish to be a member of Art House without living on floor. The also includes members who have moved off the floor in good standing and applicants who were not accepted as on-floor members. They receive similar benefits to on-floor members as well as participate in a certain number of activities and community service. Dues are $50 per year.

In order to become an Off-Floor member:


Alumni members are those who have lived on floor and have left Art House in good standing, or off-floor members who have remained in good standing for three consecutive quarters. They may, but are not required to participate in meetings, activities, and community service. Dues are $20 per year.

In order to become an Alumni:

To become an Alumni, contact any E-Board member or come visit us at a meeting every Sunday at 9pm in room 35-A055 of Gleason.