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Sketchy at Best.

The first special-interest house on the RIT campus, Art House provides a creative and productive atmosphere for its members. This community strongly encourages members to share their ideas, opinions, and skills, so that promising artists may broaden their senses and open new creative avenues for themselves and those around them.

Membership Info

the executive board of 2012-2013

2014 – 2015 Art House E-Board

written on by Brandon Weis

The results are in!
I would like to welcome the newly elected 2014-2015 Art House Executive Board!

Co-Presidents: Nick Zweig and Maddy Jason
Activities Director: Alison Sebesta
Publicist: Madeleigh Place
Housing Overlord: Lindsey Kasper
Community Service Director: Kaley Bray
Historian & Secretary: Alexis Jeffries
Technical Director: Sam McArthur
Treasurer: Jacob Kennedy

and our newest position

Fundraising Director: David Ozug

  • A round of applause to them!
  • With that being said, it is time that I retire from my position as Technical Director. It has been an honor to work with my 2013-2014 Executive Board, and I will be passing on the torch to Sam McArthur. He’ll be taking care of you all from now on! Don’t worry, you’re in good hands.
  • This is Brandon Weis, signing off!

April 5th, Open House

written on by Brandon Weis

Hello everyone!

Today is going to be our first open house of the Spring Semester. I hope all of you are ready to introduce people to our wonderful floor and community. To those of you who are interested in joining, or hoping to attend RIT, welcome!

Our website contains plenty of information regarding Art House and what we do here. Also be sure to visit our booth in the Nathaniel Rochester Hall during the Open House, from there you can meet some of our on-floor members, ask questions, and even get a tour of our floor. We hope to see you there!

In the meantime, stay tuned to these blog posts, as we have some awesome things coming up – Gracie’s Formal, E-Board Elections, and more. Have a good one!

Recent Downtime

written on by Brandon Weis

Hey everyone! Just a quick update regarding the sketchiness of the website as of late.

There was an issue with a recent WordPress update that caused the site to crash, forcing me to load a backup of the site to the server. Everything should be running smoothly now – all pages and functionality back to normal.

I’ll be continuing to post with the scheduled weekly Art House updates tonight after our floor meeting. Sorry again for the downtime, see you soon!