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Week 11 Report

written on by Brandon Weis

Alright friends, I have to level with you… My blog posts have been heavily delayed and I owe you an apology. Time to turn a new leaf and get back on track!

We’re chugging on through Week 11 and into Week 12 pretty soon. Is everyone holding up? I know things are getting hectic out there at RIT, but we’ll get through it all! I hope you all enjoyed the traditional Art House “Murder Game” last week, and we have some stuff to look forward to in the coming weeks, so let’s get down into it.

Week 11 Meeting Coverage…

Shifty was Found!

Just an update in correlation with the last blog post – for those who were concerned, Shifty Santa, our beloved, beautiful mascot was indeed found some weeks ago. There was a miscommunication with one of our custodians, and she kept him for safe-keeping until she could figure out whether or not he was trash. (Granted, he has seen better days, but it’s all copacetic now!)

Stab in the Dark

Update for the Murder Game! It’s officially over, and I hope you all had fun with it, it’s one of the many Art House traditions we hold here. (Disclaimer: No one was actually murdered during the Murder Game).

I’m sure you’re all wondering who won, due to some unforeseen events the achievement and winner announcements are going to be delayed until the next meeting this Sunday. Until then we’re checking and double checking who got who, and who deserves what badge. (Yes we have badges, they’re pretty swell).

And a Merry Shift-Mas to All!

The time is coming (A bit early, but it’s coming regardless) for us to pick our Secret Shifty Santa recipients. Next meeting we will be filling out little cards that will be given out to all our Art House Members for a fun, communal gift giving event. So keep in mind what you like, and what you don’t like so your Secret Shifty Santa can make your Shift-Mas the best it can be. We’re picking people early so we can get gifts during the break. Yay planning!

Team Art House Jerseys

Lexi, our wonderful Publicist is now collecting money for the Art House Jerseys we’ve been talking about. They will cost $50, and is due by this upcoming meeting on Sunday. However, if a situation arises, you can still send her the money into the week, just please get it to her quickly! We’re all very excited to order them.

Open House on Saturday

Attention Art House! There is an Open House this Saturday (November 9th). We’ve already cleaned the floor, and Ninja chalking is on the way, but be sure to keep things tidy and ship-shape! So clean up those rooms, vacuum the floors, and hide the “tasteful” nude art that we all know too well.

Time for a Renovation

After the Open House on Saturday, E-Board (and a few volunteers) will begin the process of Renovation of our Lounge and Studio. We may not do too much this weekend, as some things are still in the planning phase, however, I can report on the following.

  • The Lounge will be painted Purple and White in lieu of the Red and Off-White. (Purple is the color of Art House and CIAS).
  • Furniture will be re-arranged
  • The Lounge will become a purely recreational area, and the Studio will become an area for work and big events only!
  • The Computer is being formatted and updated, and will soon become dual-screen compatible. It will also move to the Studio

    E-Board is very excited to get this project underway, and it is our goal to finish the renovations by Thanksgiving Break.

    The Quote Site has been Updated!

    Our hilarious Art House Quote Site has been updated; all the new quotes has been posted. See them HERE.

    That about wraps up Week 11. Again, sorry for the lack of consistent blog posts. I will be consistent every week from here-on out. I PROMISE!

    Also, congratulations to our F.R.O.G. Winner: Emily A.

    Have a good one, see you next week!