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The Audio Effects club began as a single student, who worked with Dr.Phillips and Dr.Bowman to take an auto-wah circuit, simulate it in pspice, prototype it and then order pcb's to turn the circuit in to a working guitar effects pedal.  From this initial idea word got out and there was interest. 

                 In September 2004, two freshman, Leigh Downes and Jesse Muszynski, took the initiative to file paper work with Student Government with the intent to form a club.  After some advertisement the club gained a member base of about 10 members and became officially recognized in the winter quarter of 2004.  At this point work on building the original auto-wah circuit had already began and the club's members, who were mostly freshman began to gain skills in effects pedal building. 

                 The club is now at a stage where it is growing as its members become more experienced.  Younger members continue to join and even some older students have been attracted by the curiosity of an engineer's mind to build things.  As the club ages it's projects, regardless of whether they are club projects or personal projects, continue to become more and more interesting.  If you have any interest in music and electronics, you r an audiophile, or you just plain like to build stuff with wires, this is the place for you!







Email Us : audfxwww@rit.edu







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