Student Government





  • The Executive Board Members
  • President
    Name: Jonathan Stark Holmberg
    Nationality: Swedish
    Major: Electrical Engineering Technology
    Languages Spoken: Swedish, English
    About Yourself: Hello! I am an international student from Sweden, currently studying hard to get my B.S. My interests include computers, reading, and electronics
  • Vice President
    Name: Minh Quang Vo
    Nationality: Vietnamese
    Major: Management Information Systems
    Languages Spoken: Vietnamese, English
    About Yourself: I am from Vietnam, a small country in South-East Asia. This is my third year here at RIT. I like badminton and skiing.
    Vice President
  • Treasurer
    Name: Felix Surjadjaja
    Nationality: Indonesian
    Major: Bachelor of Art and Science, Print Media
    Languages Spoken: Melayu, English
    About Yourself: Hey friends, I am from Indonesia and currently a junior majoring in print media. Meeting new people and enjoying the quarter with them is what interest me. My hobbies include exploring, listening to music, movies, and of course, badminton.
  • Secretary
    Name: Brian Muller
    Nationality: American/Swiss
    Major: B.S Network and System Administration
    Languages Spoken: English, German and Spanish
    About Yourself: Hey, I'm a 2nd Year networking student from the US, Switzerland and Guatemela, I speak English, German and Spanish and am currently taking my first ASL (American Sign Language) course. I love to cook, play keyboard/piano, do 3D Modeling and work for Tech Crew.
  • Faculty Advisor:
    Name: James Bodenstedt
    Nationality: American
    Languages Spoken: English
    About Yourself: Jim Bodenstedt teaches badminton in the wellness curriculum. He is also the Head Men's and Women's Crew Coach at RIT. When not rowing or coaching, he likes to play badminton!
  • Webmaster
    Name: Kinley Tshering
    Nationality: Bhutanese
    Major: B.S Information Technology
    Languages Spoken: Dzongkha, English
    About Yourself: Hello guys! I am your webmaster and I am a International Student from Bhutan. I am doing my B.S from RIT and I am currently a junior here. My interest includes reading, traveling and playing with computers.

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