For their second road trip of the spring, the BCS boys accepted an offer to go perform with their old pals the RPI Rusty Pipes at their spring show, entitled “Hollywood Pipes.”

This performance marked the 3rd time in the last two years that the boys got to sing with the fun-loving RPI group. Taking place on the 23rd of April, this show also marked two weekends in a row of travel for BCS. This time, a couple of the group’s alumni (Campbell and Nate) made it to the show to cheer the Singers on and show their support.

The Pipes started off the night with a quick opening song, followed by the Albany Earthtones. The Earthtones delivered up a high-energy and entertaining performance, cracking out a Beatles tune during their set. The Brick City Singers followed the Earthtones with the same rocking set that they had delivered at JHU. It was met with a round of lively applause from the excited crowd.

By the time the Pipes made it back to their own stage, the crowd was more than ready for their exciting music and antics. They presented several really great pieces including “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something, their variation on Raffi’s “Banana Phone”, and “The Reason” by Hoobastank. Once again, it was made clear why the Singers continue to find themselves singing with this great group of people!

The trip was a great time for all involved, thanks again to the Rusty Pipes and to their kickin’ crowd!

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