Ok, ok, so its new name is officially “Brick City Homecoming” but old habits die hard. Either way, they got the two most important words right. And no Brick City whatever would be complete without at least a few performances by the Brick City Singers! This weekend be on the lookout for BCS performing at the following events:

  • Saturday, Oct. 8 at 1:30pm – Ingle Auditorium – RITSMA’s annual Kaleidoscope Concert
  • Saturday, Oct. 8 at 7:00pm – Outside the Field House – Singing to the line before Jon Stewart
  • Sunday, Oct. 9 at 11:30am – Genesee Valley Park – Stonehurst Invitational Regatta

There are plenty of chances to catch a performance, so be sure to include us in your plans for the weekend!