NOAC WAS A BLAST! Another year begins…


As many of you are aware, we, the Brick City Singers, started a new project: BOLD.

BOLD is our brand spankin’ new EP we plan to release soon this year. We have worked endless nights on arranging, nit-picking, learning parts, and solidifying new songs that you heard at NOAC 13! About a week ago, we launched the project on Kickstarter.

It’s only been a week and we broke our goal of $5000! We are incredibly thankful to everyone who donated. As soon as the news spread throughout the group, we could feel the electricity of this project becoming a reality. All of this was possible thanks to you guys. Without your help, we could never get to where we are today.

“So, now what?” you ask?

Our Kickstarter is still going strong. We have 21 more days before the end of our project. Since we made so much from your donations this past week, we’re going to continue the project in hopes of more donations. With the extra money we gain from your donations, we may be able to record MORE SONGS and make this EP into a full-fledged ALBUM.

Every donation counts! Spread the word!

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