Bio: Dan Berg

Dan Berg

Tenor 1

Mech. Engineering ’16

Hey, eyes up here. Yeah, I saw that. Anyway, about this Dan Berg kid. With a stage name like Bergy-Berg, how can you not fall in love with this guy? He enjoys extended strolls in the sand, especially by the ocean.

Dan is pretty basic on the outside (Swedish: sandy blonde hair; deep, sky-meets-ocean horizon blue eyes; an overall mystifying beauty), but on the inside Dan is a bundle of interesting fibers. Many of these fibers come together to make the fiber supplement that is his personality. His personality would be considered group-activated. If you happen to catch him alone you might find him a little shy. But, if he’s hanging around friends, consider all stops pulled. This being said, get at this kid and get to know him, I hear he’s pretty cool.

Dan grew up on the shores of Lake Chautauqua. He attended this glorious school with an extremely clever name: Chautauqua Lake Central School. By about his second trimester in the womb, he was pretty sure that music would be a major part of his life. When he was about 6 days old he was preforming at the local metropolitan Opera House Full-Time. Dan grew up singing for, well, pretty much anyone who would let him. He sang in musicals, operas, small bands, choruses and legend has it, he even sang for the Queen of England.

Coincidence? I think not!

Dan Berg was rushed (that is surprised) by BCS (the best a capella group ever) while watching Top Gun (the best movie ever). Some people just don’t seem to fully appreciate the sheer power of that film. Had he not been admiring that film’s countless perfect cinematic moments, who knows where he might be today…