Bio: Geoff Symonds

Gimme some of dat

Geoff Symonds

Tenor 2

Computer Engineering ’16

He was born from the gods of metal and ukuleleā€¦ a strange mix you, would say? Nay. For this boy grew to be one hell of a singer who happened to ride dragons while wearing Hawaiian shirts.

It just so happened that when it came time for him to make his way to college, he had found an a cappella group who also rode dragons and wore Hawaiian shirts. They welcomed him into their brotherhood and soon after being in the group for a year; he had reached the title of Grand dragon-riding Hawaiian-dressing a cappella music director.

He was best friends with Abraham Lincoln and rode to Mars with him on the weekends to scout for more singers for his a cappella group. What was this legendary a cappella group you ask? Maybe you should look at the top of this web page, you dingus. The More You Know.

This tale was brought to you by Jon Lavalley, the Jocund Lamping Acquirer of Veracious Swordfish.