Bio: Logan Thompson

It was gone, and he'll bring it back.

Logan Thompson

Tenor 2

Computer Science ’14

What is in a bio, exactly? A sum of who you are in a few choice words? Or simply your accomplishments?
I will tell you what should be in a bio. Soul. Here is mine.

Imagine, if you will, a boy — nay, a man — who has searched for a place to belong for his entire life. Through hardships he has struggled, only to overcome them, surmounting every obstacle that came in front of him. He has cried and he has laughed. He has loved and he has lost. He can dance with the best, but chooses to dance with the worst.  He has scruples that keep in line with the honor of ancient knights.

Yeah, that’s not me.

I’m a quiet (before you get to know me), quirky (after you get to know me), smart (when I care), and caring (always) person.

Most notable feature about me? In high school, I was known as the kid who was the exception to ALL rules.

– You weren’t allowed to wander the halls during call periods?  Yeah, I was the kid just walking around.
– You had one set date to turn in a project or assignment?  I turned it in the day after.  NO points off.
– Someone hates being picked up and/or hugged?  I would be the one person they trust to spin them in the air, and always attacked me.

Teachers loved and hated me. I was smart enough to be able to do anything they asked of me, but lazy enough to throw it together and get a decent (but not great) grade on the assignment.

All the above is true, after the “Yeah, that’s not me” line. I have more stories about examples, fun little things like that, but I am not going to put them where my parents might run into them.

Finally, let me tell you a little bit about my ‘devilish’ side.

– I taught myself how to read before kindergarten.
– I managed to get my sister yelled at, because before I was in school, I took a crayon, reached up as high as I could (perfect height for her) and drew letters on the wall. (Legit letters, too. Like actually good). She got yelled at and grounded, and I said not a word. Then my parents saw me doing it. Oops.
– Last bullet point, I do what I feel like doing, and somehow it almost always works out. I just make it work. I’m the guy who trips during a cross-country run, rolls, and is back on his feet without losing stride.

This is me, like it or hate it, but before you decide you gotta get to know me in real life, not just some words on a screen.