Current Members

Current Members

Zack DiVasta

Bass President

Hello cool cats of the universe! My name is Zack DiVasta, I am a Co-President the RIT Beat Circle Club! I am a third year Chemical Engineering major from the best place on Earth: Rochester!! I love to hang glide in the frozen tundra and scavenge large garbage cans for old cowboy hats! I first joined BCS after seeing the energy they brought to the stage, and it was absolutely mesmerizing, so I decided to join the fun!!

Tre DiPassio

Baritone Music Director

Hello there, I’m Tre, a 5th year BSMS student in Electrical Engineering. Because of my major, year level, and graduate status, as stated most famously by the Beatles: “I get by with a little help from my friends,” and that’s BCS. I’m the music director too! I love music, arranging, electronics, netflix, going to the gym, learning to cook, playing broomball, and sleeping. BCS is a home, and I’m certainly excited to spend my senior year with these boyos.

Dan Berg

Tenor 1 Business Director

Evan Yoder

Tenor 2 Marketing Director


Logan Hobbs

Tenor 2 Financial Director

Hello world! My name is Logan the Co-President of the Brick City Singers, and I’m a 4th year Chemical Engineering student hailing from Bath, NY. I joined BCS in the fall of my second year after seeing the wonder that is BCS my freshmen year. Outside of BCS I’m either found at an RIT hockey game, or heavily sleeping.

John Grosh

Tenor 1

Wait, you mean whatever I write here will be my bio? Oh, well just write something good for me. Say that I’m a Computer Science major, and when I’m not coding, playing music, performing magic, or playing videogames, I’m singing with my best friends in an amazing a cappella group! Yeah, that should about cover it, as long as I didn’t go over the character limi

Jeffrey Phillips

Tenor 1

Wil Clancy

Tenor 1

Christian Vanderhoef

Tenor 2

I’m charismatic

Gavriel Miles

Tenor 2

Hello! I’m Gav, first year game design & development student from Bainbridge Island, WA. I first discovered collegiate a cappella in high school and have loved it ever since. Some of my favorite artists include Jack Garratt, Alrissa, Thirdstory, Shiloh Dynasty, and In Love With a Ghost. In my free time I’m usually doing something related to video games. I am a huge dog enthusiast and cheese lover, indisputably my most important qualities.

George Stollsteimer

Tenor 2

Colin Fausnaught

Tenor 2

Hi there! I’m Colin, a fourth year Software Engineering student from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I joined BCS my 3rd year at RIT and have loved it ever since! I enjoy watching movies, tinkering with electronics, and programming stuff!

Sam Tillinghast

Tenor 2

Get Wrecked.

Thomas Coburn


I belong in a boy band

Everett Gilbert


Andrew Diana


Attack Dog

Jack Case


I’m Jack, a second year Computer Engineering major. I sing baritone in BCS, and love every minute of it! When I’m not singing or writing lab reports I enjoy crocheting nerdy plushies, playing video games and board games with my friends, and game mastering weekly Pathfinder sessions.

Connor Gerace


Don’t act like you don’t know me.

Ron Dodge



Dustin Van Kirk


Hi! My name is Dustin, I am a first year engineering exploration student here at RIT, and I am from the small town of Canton, CT. I’ve always wanted to join an a cappella group and I joined BCS this year cause I like singing songs with cool guys and lookin good while doing it. I am on the track team here at RIT along with our BCS broomball team and with my little spare time I enjoy reading, playing video games, sassing my friends, listening to music, and sleeping because I certainly need a lot of it.

Rory Flannery


Why, hello! My name is Rory, and I’m a 1st Year Industrial Engineering Major from Cazenovia, NY. Acapella was a very important thing to me in high school and I knew I had to continue here at RIT. I’m glad I joined The Brick City Singers, because they are the perfect fit for me! In my free time I will be found jamming out to music, browsing the World Wide Web for memes, and producing all styles and genres of music on my computer. I feel like these next few years with this group will be some of the best of my life!

Adam Donle


Markerill Dunleigh

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Ashley’s work is super dope and she’s very organized.
Working with her was phenomenal and we definitely recommend people to contact her.

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Torin Smith

Tenor 2 Business Director

I’m first year and a soon to be Motion Picture Science major hailing from the metropolis known only as Dexter, Maine. Joined BCS group in Fall of 2015 and love every second of it! I enjoy snowboarding, traveling, and eating large meals. My favorite color is purple.

Ryan Geary


I’m Ryan Geary and I am a first year Computer Science major. I joined the Brick City Singers as a way to continue performing and singing while being able to pursue sciences. It is an honor to grow and learn with and from this group and I am excited to see what we can create in the coming years.

Josh Willsey


I like to eat peaches.

Andrew Hollenbach


Basically Dad

Mark Dunlea


I could pass as a billionaire.

Raleigh Cockerill


Raleigh Cockerill is a third year finance major and one of the three basses in the Brick City Singers. He has been singing in various groups for about 8 years and these three years in BCS have been the highlight. He is leaving at the end of this semester and BCS will miss him more than they miss everyone else.

Joshua Fox

Tenor 2

Soon-to-be second year mechanical engineering technology major. Born in Montgomery, MD and raised in a small town called Williamsville, NY. Went to boarding school in Chattanooga, TN for 3 of the best years of my life. And I learn to play instruments in my spare time. Oh… And I sing:)

Dave Taylor


I sing low.

Adam Schechter

Tenor 2

My name’s Adam, third year Graphic Design major and Tenor 2 in BCS. I have been singing for seven years and creating for as long as I can remember. If I am not designing or singing, you can find me dancing, playing Super Smash Bros. Melee, playing guitar, practicing calligraphy, or trimming my moustache.

Ben Gilmore

Tenor 1

Third year Applied Math BS. Originally from Oswego, NY. Joined A Capella looking for an opportunity to express myself musically and meet some great people. Got everything I was looking for and more with BCS. Enjoys recreational sports and binge watching on Netflix. P.S. My guilty pleasure is classic Irish music.