« Cheap Leis »
Title Soloist
1. Somebody Told Me
Orig. The Killers
Damien Cordero
2. Ocean Avenue
Orig. Yellowcard
Dave Suroviec
3. Clocks
Orig. Coldplay
Tom Guzewich
4. Oh Come Emmanuel
Orig. Don Hard
Damien Cordero, Nick Hardenburg
5. Kiss the Girl
Orig. Disney
Arr. Josh Chadwick
Joe Pinzone
6. Yesterday
Orig. Boyz II Men
7. To Morrow
Orig. Muppets
Tom Guzewich, Nick Hardenburg
8. I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon
Orig. Sesame Street
9. Candleburn
Orig. Dishwalla
RJ Pena
10. What You Own
Orig. Rent: Original Broadway Cast
Brian Tepfenhart, Jon Byrd
11. Dr. Worm
Orig. They Might Be Giants
Nick Hardenburg
12. Helena
Orig. My Chemical Romance
Dave Suroviec

« In Spite of it All »
Title Soloist
1. Basket Case
Orig. Green Day
Regan Messenger
2. The Freshman
Orig. The Verve Pipe
3. Sledgehammer
Orig. Peter Gabriel
Kevin Foster
4. Enormous Penis
Orig. Da Vinci’s Notebook
Jon Byrd
5. Voodoo
Orig. Godsmack
Dave Campbell
6. You Will Go to the Moon
Orig. Moxy Fruvous
Tom Guzewich
7. Fat-Bottomed Girls
Orig. Queen
Kevin Foster
8. Shannon
Orig. Vocal Tonic
Regan Messenger
9. Hero
Orig. Chad Kroeger
Damien Cordero
10. Free Fallin’
Orig. Tom Petty
Kevin Foster
11. Good Old A Cappella
Orig. The Nylons
12. In the Air Tonight [live]
Orig. Phil Collins
Kevin Foster