Our History


Active on campus since 1999, the RIT Brick City Singers (lovingly referred to as BCS) have been defying borders, crossing genres, and pushing the limits on stage, with entertaining performances that leave everyone looking for more. With a broad repertoire, wacky antics, amusing skits, and just a bit of class, BCS is a force to be reckoned with.

They’ve become known for their creativeness on stage, as they bring a new sound to classic as well as “radio hit” pieces. Many of the singers have dabbled in the art of music arrangement.

After celebrating a decade of thriving a cappella at their tenth annual Night of a Cappella, BCS entered the summer of 2010 with high hopes for the next ten years. All of this deep thought resulted in a complete visual transformation. Like a butterfly emerging from its cocoon, BCS emerged from the summer with a completely new look and website. They also all became even more incredibly handsome.

Looking to the future, the Brick City Singers continue to aim high. On the agenda: more arrangements, more “road trips” to other collegiate groups in far away (and hopefully warmer) places, more shameless CD promotion, and above all, more entertaining.


It all began in the winter quarter of the 1999-2000 school year. The guys had come together through RIT’s large chorale group, the RIT Singers, to form a smaller group interested in a cappella music. Armed with little more than a quick wit and a desire to sing music without accompaniment, the newly formed Brick City Singers set out to attempt something never done before at RIT.

At the winter concert that February, the Brick City Singers debuted something so new that it blew everyone away. A cappella versions of “I Want It That Way” (originally by the Backstreet Boys) and “Faith” (originally by George Michaels; later performed by the then-popular alternative rock band Limp Bizkit) quickly became the first BCS hits as the Boys added a little choreography and their own personal charm. With the love of an enthusiastic audience, BCS felt they had found their calling – and the rest is history. Ever since the Brick City Singers have been pushing boundaries, wowing audiences, attempting the impossible, and having fun along the way.

Hawaiian Shirts?

You may be asking yourself why on earth the Brick City Singers choose Hawaiian shirts as their garb of choice. The answer is quite simple. At RIT it’s cold more often than not. At RIT it’s raining more often than not. At RIT, especially in the winter (which is most of the year), the last thing most people are thinking about is cooling down and relaxing with a nice beverage served in a coconut while basking on a warm sandy beach. The Brick City Singers are singing for your pleasure to bring that spirit to the RIT community (except for the coconut… and the sand).