Title Soloists
Believe in Yourself
Orig. Ziggy Marley
Arr. Justin Hardenburg
Dan Berg
The Bidding
Orig. Tally Hall
Arr. Dan Asta
Austin Williams, Charlie Border, Dave Taylor, Geoff Symonds, Jace Curran, Jon Lavalley
Brothers, Sing On!
Orig. Howard D. McKinnery
Orig. David Bowie
Arr. Dan Asta
Charlie Border
Darling, it’s True
Orig. Locksley
Arr. Justin Hardenburg
Edit. Christopher Diaz
Geoff Symonds
Dreaming of You
Orig. The Coral
Arr. Jon Brennan
Dan Asta
Fat-Bottomed Girls
Orig. Queen
Arr. Chris Guarente
Jon Lavalley
I Believe in a Thing Called Love
Orig. The Darkness
Arr. Dan Asta
Jon Lavalley
I’ll Always Be Around
Orig. Brighten
Arr. Jon Lavalley
Jon Lavalley
It’s Alright
Orig. Heuy Lewis & the News

Jon Lavalley
It’s Time
Orig. Imagine Dragons
Arr. Andrew Hollenbach
Arr. Austin Williams
Arr. Jace Curran
Arr. Jon Lavalley
Andrew Hollenbach
Moments of You
Orig. Rockapella
Dave Taylor
Stone in My Heart
Orig. Graffiti6
Arr. Dan Asta
Arr. Jon Lavalley
Austin Williams, Dan Asta, Jon Lavalley
Orig. Ben l’Onlce Soul
Arr. Geoff Symonds
Austin Williams
Take On Me
Arr. Jonathan Sparks
Edit. Jon Brennan
Robbie Stillwell

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Another Night
Orig. Real McCoy
Banana Man
Orig. Tally Hall
Arr. Josh Chadwick
Basket Case
Orig. Green Day
Be My Escape
Orig. Relient K
Arr. RJ Pena
Breaking the Habit
Orig. Linkin Park
Can’t Touch This
Orig. MC Hammer
Orig. Dishwalla
Chemical Workers’ Song
Orig. Great Big Sea
Arr. Max Lewin
Orig. Coldplay
Dr. Worm
Orig. They Might Be Giants
Enormous Penis
Orig. Da Vinci’s Notebook
Everything You Want
Orig. Vertical Horizon
Orig. George Michael
Feel Good Inc.
Orig. Gorillaz
Arr. Carl Staiger
For the Longest Time
Orig. Billy Joel
Free Fallin’
Orig. Tom Petty
The Freshman
Orig. The Verve Pipe
Orig. Metallica
God Must Have Spent a Little Less Time on You
Orig. Toxic Audio
Good Ole’ A Cappella
Orig. The Nylons
Gulf War Song
Orig. Moxy Fruvous
Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday
Orig. Anne Raugh
Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down
Orig. Collective Soul
Arr. Michael Carozzoni
Orig. My Chemical Romance
Here We Go
Orig. Dispatch
Arr. Carl Staiger
Orig. Chad Kroeger
I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon
Orig. Ernie
If I Ever Fall in Love Again
Orig. Shai
If You Could Only See
Orig. Tonic
Arr. Michael Carozzoni
I’m Yours
Orig. Jason Mraz
Arr. Trevor Mumaugh
Arr. Andrew Hayworth
In the Air Tonight
Orig. Phil Collins
Is She Really Going Out with Him?
Orig. Joe Jackson
Arr. Josh Chadwick
Kiss From a Rose
Orig. Seal
Arr. Jetse Bremer
Kiss the Girl
Orig. Disney
Arr. Josh Chadwick
Knights of the Round Table
Orig. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Arr. Michael Carozzoni
Leaving Town
Orig. Dexter Freebish
Let’s All Go to the Lobby
Life is a Highway
Orig. Tom Cochran
Arr. Carl Staiger
Love Me Dead
Orig. Ludo
Arr. Michael Carozzoni
My Wild Irish Rose
Orig. Floyd Connett
No Diggity
Orig. Blackstreet
Ocean Avenue
Orig. Yellowcard
Pokemon Theme Song
Orig. Jason Paige
Arr. Michael Carozzoni
Arr. Jon Brennan
Orig. Eve 6
The Scientist
Orig. Coldplay
Send Me On My Way
Orig. Rusted Root
Arr. Carl Staiger
Orig. Vocal Tonic
Orig. Marshall Bartholomew
The Sidewalks of New York
Orig. Charles Lawlor
Orig. Peter Gabriel
Orig. Santana
Arr. Micheal Carozzoni
Somebody Told Me
Orig. The Killers
Stacey’s Mom
Orig. Fountains of Wayne
Arr. Michael Carozzoni
Arr. Andrew Hayworth
The Stalking Song
Orig. Inside-Out A Cappella
That Thing You Do
Orig. The Wonders
Trashin’ the Camp
Orig. Phil Collins
Arr. Moses Hogan
True Colors
Orig. Cyndi Lauper
United State of Pop 2009
Orig. DJ Earworm
Arr. Carl Staiger
Orig. Godsmack
Wake Up
Orig. Coheed & Cambria
Arr. Carl Staiger
Walk the Dinosaur
Orig. Was Not Was
What You Own
Orig. RENT
Which is the Properest Way to Drink?
Orig. Thomas Arne
Yakko’s World
Orig. Animaniacs
Arr. Trevor Mumaugh
Orig. Boyz II Men
You Will Go to the Moon
Orig. Moxy Fruvous
Zak and Sara
Orig. Ben Folds
Arr. Carl Staiger