We Want You!


If you think you’ve got the voice, enthusiasm, and dashing good looks for BCS, we want to meet you in person! 2013 Auditions will take place on Thursday, September 5th in the SAU Music Room. If you don’t know where that is, just head to the Ben & Jerry’s in the lobby of the SAU, hang a right down the stairs towards the RITZ Sports Zone and go down the hallway to the left past the vending machines. You can’t miss it.

Nothing is required for you to come to auditions – just bring yourself, a great voice, and a desire to have an amazingly fun time this year! At 7pm, RIT Singers is held, where you’ll get more information about all of the a cappella groups and hear each group sing. At 9pm, the actual auditions will start. You’ll get more details about the auditioning process at auditions, so make sure you make it out!

Once we see you in singing action and you spend some time with us outside of the auditions, we’ll make the decision to add you to our ranks. Sounds just grand, right? Well, again, it can only happen if you come to the auditions. So do it.