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What is Capoeira?

A Brazilian art form and self-defense with strong aerobic and dance elements. It is a harmony of forces that gives you power, flexibility, endurance and self-discovery. Capoeira balances the body, soul and mind. It is a graceful and exciting art form that teaches you to be alert. The only indigenous martial art of the Americas, Capoeira was developed by African slaves in Brazil. This art keeps its strong traditions and enables you to break through limits, revitalizing you for everyday life.

Capoeira builds your self-confidence and the challenge is within anyones reach regardless of age, sex or athletic experience.

Start At Anytime!

Everyone is always welcome to visit or classes to observe and/or talk with our students. Feel free to participate at anytime. Just bring any kind of loose fitting pants and a t-shirt.

Welcome to Capoeira@RIT

Capoeira@RIT is an afro-brazilian martial art that incorporates a blend of music and dance. Capoeira@RIT is taught by Espiao welcomes all who are interested in learning the art of capoeira. Classes are currently held  on campus 3 times a week:

Mondays: 7pm-9pm Room: 55-1310

Tuesday: 7pm-9pm Room: SLC Upper Dance Studio (*This class requires sign up on SIS)

Fridays: 7pm-9pm Room: SLC Upper Dance Studio


Hello everyone! Capoeira@RIT welcomes everyone back for the spring quarter. Our club is open to everyone of all levels of experience. Wear sweat pants and drop in anytime.

Upcoming Events:

Imagine RIT

May 4: Time to be announced

Location: TBA