Who are we?

The RIT Cosplay Troupe is a RIT club, full of hobbyists and actors that all share an interest in cosplay, crafts, performing arts, and geek-media. We are currently the driving force behind Cosplay Snow Festival & the internet-famous Tora-Con Chess Match. We now host other various shows and events throughout the year. We meet weekly every Friday evening, so feel free to swing by and check us out!

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  • The Cosplay Spring Formal

    Have a fancy cosplay? Have something you wish you wore to Prom? Want to show off your cosplay? We are holding our second anual Cosplay Formal! There will be food, performances, music, and a walk on fashion show!

  • The 18+ Cosplay Chess Show

    RIT Cosplay Troupe is back for our first ever independent spring Cosplay Chess performance. However this time around the rules are a bit different...

  • Cosplay Troupe Featured at Otakon

    Not only does the RIT Cosplay Troupe support local cons, but the club members also travel to other national conventions. Enjoy some highlights captured at the Baltimore Convention Center in Maryland at Otakon 2013.

  • 2013 Tora-Con Chess Match

    This is the official recording of the Tora-Con 2013 Chess Match performed by RIT Cosplay Troupe. The game's theme was East vs. West. Who wins is quantum until you watch the video.