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Engineering House, Building Foundations that Last a Lifetime

Welcome to Engineering House, a special community of engineers at RIT.

Engineering studies at RIT are demanding, but first-year students will find they have an advantage by living in Engineering House where help is always right next door. Engineering House promotes a team-building environment and encourages its members to work with others to accomplish goals. Its study lounge features a floor printer, multiple dry-erase tables, and two large dry-erase boards on the walls, and its workshop provides a wide variety of tools and plenty of workspace for all of the projects that members complete.

Since Engineering House has a strong family atmosphere, students work together to complete projects, to sponsor events, and to participate in many activities throughout the year. Some events include movie nights, athletic events, intramural sports, house trips, community service projects, and an annual freshman project that is designed solely by the freshman class.

Visit the rest of our website to learn more about Engineering House including our leadership, committees, membership, and a glimpse of our history. We also have a slideshow of this year's events as well as a virtual tour of our floor.