Executive Board

Executive Board is the heart of Engineering House. The strongest leaders of House hold these positions. They manage all administrative aspects of House. They are required to meet and to discuss House issues before every House and Cabinet meeting and to meet with House's adviser.


Carl Burkhard

The president is the leader of all of House's functions. They are also responsible for the overall leadership and goal setting for House. The president meets with the presidents of the other Special Interest Houses on a weekly basis.The President also must act as a liaison between House and the Faculty Advisor, and meet with them as necessary.


Liam Callahan

The vice-president manages the internal affairs of House and conducts member evaluations. The vice-president also assists the president as needed with any other tasks.


Michael Smith

The treasurer is responsible for managing House funds, budgeting, and keeping financial records. They purchase all items for House, and are responsible for keeping track of Cabinet fundraisers.


Luke Murphy

The secretary is responsible for taking attendance at every House meeting. They are also responsible for informing the House members of upcoming events and keeping detailed minutes of each House and Cabinet meeting. Finally, they are in charge of keeping the filing cabinet in the study lounge organized.


Engineering House members stay busy with many different activities. Each member brings his or her own unique skills to House and is elected into a Cabinet position based on these skills. Cabinet is required to meet at least once per week. A description of each of these position as well as the name and picture of the current chairman can be found below.

Public Relations Chairman

Mia Sitzler

The Public Relations Chairman keeps Engineering House involved in the community by planning various community service events throughout the year; two such events are Margaret's House and volunteering at the local animal shelter. Some of the other organizations Engineering House volunteers with or collects donations for include: FoodLink, Ronald McDonald House, A Meal & More, Toys for Tots, UNICEF, and the National MS Society. The chairman is also responsible for updating the bulletin board in the Kate Gleason College of Engineering in order to keep RIT up to date on Engineering House's activities.

Computer Chairman

Lukas Yelle

The Computer Chairman's responsibilities include maintaining all computer-related and electronic equipment on floor. This equipment includes the speakers in the pool lounge, the printer and scanner in the study lounge, and all of the audio and visual equipment in the VAX. They are also in charge of maintaining the website.

Recruitment Chairman

Kim Scheer

The Recruitment Chairman's responsibility is to find new members for House. To this end, they organize tours given during all open houses and runs the shadow program. For more information on the shadow program, see the Membership page.

Social Chairman

Hannah Van Fleet

The Social Chairman's primary responsibility is to plan and run games, activities, and social events for the members of House in order for them to get to know each other and have fun together. Some of the events organized include: a trip to Darien Lake, the Amazing Maize Maze, fancy/classy parties, cookouts, beach trips, and other activities.

House Improvements Chairman

Chris Witmer

The House Improvements Chairman's responsibilities include brainstorming, planning, overseeing, and participating in any activities involving physical improvement to Engineering House.

ImagineRIT Coordinator

Christopher Salvati

The ImagineRIT Coordinator brings everyone together to work on projects for the ImagineRIT festival.

Constitution Chairman & Historian

Samuel Shelmidine

The Constitution Chairman and Historian is responsible for understanding and interpreting the constitution. When an amendment is proposed, it is the Constitution Chairman's responsibility to write up the formal amendment and call a vote at a House meeting. They are also responsible for documenting the history of Engineering House, including lists of past E-board members and freshmen projects.

Freshman Representative

Hunter Leonard

The Freshmen Representative is responsible for facilitating the raising of funds and the completion of freshmen project.